About Us

METOLIUS CLASSICS LLC is an American enterprise dedicated to promote a community of classic and vintage vehicles aficionados. We offer a 8,000 square feet facility in order to meet several objectives:

  1. A showroom for classic and vintage vehicles, some ours and some from our customers interested in letting people admire those vehicles and in many cases acquire one to expand his/her collection or to start appreciating the driving of “art and engineering on wheels”. All cars are in very good to mint condition. Our facility can accommodate up to 24 vehicles indoors with heating and excellent cross ventilation for the summer.


  2. A vehicle consignment business, where we accept under consignment vehicles 25 years or older in very good operating condition for sale to our growing customer base. Based on the agreed price with our consignee, we charge a standard monthly storage fee. If the vehicle sales within the first two months we will reimburse 100% of the storage fee. The minimum standard consignment period is two (2) months or earlier if the vehicle sales, which at the end of the period we mutually agree to extended it for another two months, or not renew it and return the vehicle to its owner. (See Section XX of “Contracts” for details).


  3. A Rent & Buy business, where we rent the vehicle for minimum one day and up to a week, and if the customer returns the car within a specific time and buys it, we offer up to 100% discount. Most cars are, including BMWs, Cadillacs, Jaguars, and Mercedes Benz and MGs are offered in this program.


  4. A number VIP Services. We own a number of vehicles which their main purpose is to provide VIP services to our customers. These services include: 
    1. VIP transportation services for weddings, proms, anniversaries, beer, wine and city tours, and for special occasions. Besides the vehicle and the driver, we offer several additional services such as internal and external flower arrangements for the vehicle, particular music during the transportation process, multilingual drivers (currently we offer English and Spanish), and other particular attractions that the customer desires and are within the city regulations.
    2. Shuttle transportation. With a two hour notice we provide special shuttle transportation from the residence or office of our customers to the Redmond/Bend airport, or to other previously defined places. The cost and the vehicle are specified at the time of rental
    3. City Tours. We offer both private as well as public city tours of the city of Bend, which might be extended to the cities of Redmond, Sunriver and Sisters. During the months of April thru October we offer public city tours in a 1926 Ford Model T which can accommodate up to 6 passengers, including children. The tours start at 10:00AM and the last tour is at 6:00PM (May, June, July, August and September) During the months of April and October, the last tour ends at 5:00PM. Each tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and covers and specified route.

The vehicles that currently we offer for the above described VIP services are:

  1. A 1938 Packard Super 8 limousine, for maximum three occupants, at a standard rate of $250.00 an hour.
  2. A 1962 Jaguar Sedan for maximum two occupants, at a standard rate of $200.00 an hour.
  3. A 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman (dark blue), for a maximum of four occupants, at a standard rate of $175.00 an hour
  4. A 1999 Cadillac Fleetwood, Special 50th Anniversary, (pearl white) for a maximum of three passengers at a standard rate of $175.00 an hour.

Starting on April 10th, from 9:30AM to 12:30PM, we will be having an Open Car Show when those aficionados can bring their own classic or vintage vehicles to display them indoors or outdoors at no cost. Indoor we will be showing special “YouTube” videos pre-announced on our website and in our facilities 5 days earlier. We will have a capacity for about 35 vehicles.